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Support Electronics

BST Systems, Inc. designs and produces battery support electronics such as customized chargers, dischargers, cyclers, scanners and other monitoring equipment.

A sample of the support electronics available at BST includes:



  • Advanced Battery Processing System (ABPS) ABPS
  • Model CS94 Battery Maintenance System Workbench Charger/Scanner
  • Model SBS-29 Self Contained Seaboard Scanners Workbench Charger/Scanner

    Other Battery Support Equipment

    BST also designs and manufactures a series of simple chargers intended as "plug and play" units.  Just plug the appropriate cell or battery into the unit, press the start button and walk away.  When the green indicator light is lit the battery/cell is fully charged in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

    From your state-of-the-art performance analysis and battery maintenance requirements to the simplest of automatic cell chargers,  BST will support your needs in a professional, cost effective and timely manner.