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Markets Served
The silver zinc technology is used in a variety of applications where battery weight, volume and safety are critical. Silver zinc batteries truly serve a variety of markets - from underwater submersibles (manned and unmanned) to space, where they provide the main portable power source for Astronaut life support during Extravehicular Activities (EVA's, or "spacewalks") to interplanetary missions (the Mars Pathfinder Program). In addition, our batteries provide safe, reliable compact power in numerous launch vehicle applications.

The combination of their high gravimetric energy density, high volumetric energy density, superior power density, along with its long and storied success in multiples of vehicles and applications, make this couple extremely attractive. BST Systems also specializes in the packaging of lithium-based cells into batteries for various applications.

Our unique history in supplying batteries in support of the launch vehicle business has given BST a unique edge in designing robust products for demanding environments (high shock, random vibration, etc) regardless of the chemistry.

Finally, in order to better support our customers, a line of custom battery chargers, cyclers and data acquisition systems have been developed. Currently, they are in use in support of both military and aerospace applications.