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Workbench Charger/Scanner


Workbench battery maintenance systemThe BST Model CS94 is the latest in our line of PC based Battery Maintenance Systems. Designed as a fully automatic, 80286 based Workbench Charger/Scanner it is capable of charging, discharging, monitoring and storing the full life cycle history of up to 94 cells in two groups of 47. Functional design flexibility allows the base system to be individually configured to support up to a total of 240 cells simultaneously. The system supports constant current charge rates from 5.0 to 50.0 Amps with automatic cutoff and audible notification of cell/battery abnormality. The PC based operating system is a user-friendly, menu-driven alternative to traditional systems and utilizes the latest in touch screen input. Operation is clean, fast and accurate.


Complimenting the above system, BST has developed the Model SBS-29 (not shown), a self-contained, standalone seaboard scanner capable of monitoring up to 29 cells and storing over 1000 scans in a remote operational environment. This fully autonomous scanner is capable of withstanding external pressures of 350 psi (24.6 kg/cm2) while completely immersed in a mineral oil bath for deep water, pressure compensated applications. The system draws less than four (4) watts from the battery being monitored during remote operation and no power while in its idle mode. Designed as an extension of the workbench charger/scanner it provides full scale collection of important performance data only obtainable during real-time mission performance.


MODEL CS94 Workbench Intelligent Charger/Scanner System

Technical Specifications

  • Can function as a stand-alone unit or be used with a seaboard scanner acting as a front end
  • Constant current charge rates supported from 5.0 to 50.0 amps
  • Two independent charging channels;  each capable of charging up to 47 cells
  • User-friendly interface, making extensive use of menus and touch-screen input
  • Will support multi-tiered charging regimes
  • Able to download and display/print /Seaboard Scanner discharge data
  • Software updates via 3 1/2" floppy disk
  • Automatically updates Seaboard Scanner software
  • Automatic cut-off and notification of any cell/battery abnormalities
  • Integral printer to provide hard copy data from all charges/discharges and cycle histories
  • Able to download and display/print all cycle summary data
  • Unit designed with multiple fail-safe levels including watch dog timer


MODEL SBS-29 Self Contained Seaboard Scanner

Technical Specifications

  • Physical Specifications
  • Size:  2.83" x 5.87" x 8.80" (72 x 149 x 224)
  • Completely immersible in mineral oil
  • Sealed.  Capable of withstanding an external pressure of 350 psi
  • Operating Temperature:  0
  • °C to 70°C
  • Functional Specifications
  • Monitors up to 29 cells
  • Capable of monitoring temperature using externally mounted thermistor
  • Draws no power in the idle mode
  • Able to store over 1000 scans, including discharge current and time of day
  • Designed to act as front end to Workbench Charger/Scanner System
  • Automatically downloads discharge data to Workbench Charger/Scanner System
  • Requires less than four (4) watts during operation
  • Input voltage range is 17 volts to 72 volts
  • Two sets of relay contacts are provided for external operator notification
  • Software is automatically updated when Seaboard Scanner is connected to Workbench/Charger Scanner