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Company History

Powering The World
Above, Below and in Between

BST Systems, Inc. is a privately held small company established in January 1983.  It is an engineering, high technology company that designs, develops, manufactures and tests mission critical products for military and commercial applications.  All goods supplied by BST are manufactured in the USA in Plainfield, CT.
Product line includes high-energy silver-zinc cells, specialty cells, lithium cells, batteries and complete battery cell systems. We also manufacture battery chargers, data acquisition systems equipment, ground support equipment for NASA, the Department of Defense, major prime contractors and for various commercial applications.

In addition, BST Systems products are used to power manned deep diving undersea vehicles, small submarines, unmanned undersea vehicles, underwater targets, airborne and aerospace targets, decoys, telecommunication equipment, aeronautical life support systems, launch vehicle avionic systems, launch vehicle range safety systems, and interplanetary spacecraft.

The facilities are state-of-the-art and fully equipped with all required equipment to produce cells, batteries and support electronic equipment. This includes a modern computer-controlled rolling mill that is dedicated to the production of highly controlled silver cathodes. 

Engineering personnel have more than 200 years of combined experience in the design, development, testing and manufacture of high energy cells, batteries and support electronics.

BST Systems, Inc. management can be described as a combination of horizontal and vertical with the emphasis on the horizontal in basic style and philosophy.  Senior and mid level managers are considered working managers and are fully committed to a hands on, total quality management approach.  This attitude, actively displayed in daily efforts, has instilled the total quality philosophy throughout the work force.  This company wide philosophy and commitment to excellence has in turn created a work force that is capable and responsive.  Within its team concept, BST Systems has successfully retained and integrated the strengths and control aspects associated with the traditional vertical management structure as it relates to authority, responsibility and communications.


Because of our customer needs, BST Systems is fully certified and approved for the manufacture of electrical harnessing and cabling which is fully compliant with the requirements of NASA 8739.2.  BST Systems has also developed the capability of producing pressure-tolerant underwater cabling and intercell connectors.     BST Systems has embarked on a new product line, consisting of “off-the-shelf” lithium ion technology incorporated into aerospace battery products, designed by BST.  These efforts have included cell characterization studies as well as control circuitry design and development.